the studio

what we do

CohanDesignGroup is full service design consultant with more than 18 years of experience. In addition to providing consulting solutions to our local industry, we export design services mainly to the U.S. The company has a highly trained professional team  in the areas of industrial and graphic design, 3D modeling and mechanical engineering. In addition to the permanent staff, we have advisors on specific issues such as tooling and plastic injection, electronic and electrical engineering, ergonomics and cognitive psychology.

The group also offers rapid prototyping services, manufactures POP materials, displays, commercial equipment and molds for injection molding, all specially developed for each client.

Our focus is to implement innovation as an added value to our clients, guaranteeing its production, and creating new products between the desirable and  the possible.

After a succesful Salone Satellite at the Milano Furnuter Fair in 2002, we strated designing and manufacturing our own line of home furnishings and storage accesories. We also created our brand of home products: lavacatada, which sells at furniture stores, home centers and design stores all around Argentina. 

why us?

Because for us excellent service means exceeding the expectations of our clientes. Because we understand design as a strategic tool to create highly differentiated valued products.

We call what we do applied innovation: the process of adding experience on various industries and production systems and a comprehensive management of the product development cycle.


our design strategy

Our job is to create the best design aesthetic solution, taking into account all the constraints. We seek the best solution between the possible and desirable.

We have developed an efficient work process to reduce design time, development and decision making.

research and analysis

We obtain from the customer all the information related to the manufacture of the product that is relevant, as cost constraints, existing components, marketing requirements, before beginning the design process.

With the assistance of image panels, analyze competitive products, other industries and the environment that are relevant.

conceptual definition

With these data, we define with the client the most appropriate strategy for your product and we capture a design brief that is submitted to the customer for approval before we begin to design.

design strategies

We generate conceptual designs that range from evolutionary to revolutionary. Determine with the greatest precision possible level of evolutionary change that is appropriate for this product at  the present and for the target market.


We extract the most appropriate designs to show to our customers, saving time in the search for new ideas. When we presente the designs, we explain how each proposal meets the requirements outlined in the design brief.

producction support

We adapt to the way of working and productive reality of each client. We generate technical documentation for manufacturing in the most suitable format for implementation, taking into account the time that our suppliers need.


We have a privacy policy to protect any information that is usually generated by the interaction with our customers over the course of the projects.

We offer a Non-Disclosure Agreement to customers who are interested in working with us, which is also endorsed by every member of our team.

the group

We have a highly competitive group of professionals in the fields of industrial and graphic design, 3D CAD modeling, mechanical engineering and modelaking.

In addition to the permanent staff, we add external advisors on specific issues such as tooling and plastic injection, electronic and electrical engineering, ergonomics and cognitive psychology, on a projct by project basis

We have

opportunities / internships

We have an internship program that allows us to take with us for periods of six months, students and design professionals from other countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Holland, USA and Sweden.

This program reinforces our global vision of design problems and enriches our internal culture.